Welcome :-)

Hello everyone, and welcome to my newly created blog;  I thought I would start by introducing myself, and what I intend to write about here.

In creating this blog, I aim to add my voice to that of the wider trans community online, and to cover issues effecting trans people here in the UK. In doing so, I hope to create dialogue surrounding the future of the trans liberation movement through a transfeminist lens from the perspective of a young trans guy living in England. The name “cisginger, transgender” is a reference to myself, and at times the narrative will feature my own expereinces as a trans person, at others, it will focus wholly on wider issues.

It is my belief that we as a community need to develop a stronger, more cohesive liberation movement which is reflexive and engaged with the wider political context; and most importantly, this movement must come from the grass-roots. This, of course, is only a blog, and represents nothing more than one perspective within the trans community; I do not hold any grandiose notions as to what the writing here will achieve, my aim as a blogger is simply to contribute what I can through engaging with the existing community.

Thankyou for visiting my blog,

I hope that people reading the posts here will find it informative; and failing that, to create posts which are at least interesting.


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